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November 17, 2017 3:15:44 PM PST

USD $  CAD $
Gold (AU): 1,294.15  1,654.69
Silver (AG): 17.29  22.11
Platinum (PT): 952.01  1,217.23
Palladium (PD): 995.69  1,273.09
USD-CAD Exchange Rate: 1.279

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Products and Pricing | Palladium Bars & Coins

Following is a list of the paladium bars and coins that we regularly buy and sell. Images and specifications are listed first. Current indication buying and selling prices follow the descriptions. The prices for these items fluctuate with the ever-changing market rates so you must speak to an agent to confirm a final price. When you call for a final price it may not be the same as those shown on this page but it will be close. Price is for current year issue (if applicable). Earlier dates may be available at a premium. Please ask your booking agent. Please call 1-888-244-9999 to order or send an e-mail to inquire about products not listed here.

The following prices are in US Dollars. Click Euros or Canadian Dollars
Bid is what J&M would pay you. Ask is what J&M will sell to you for.
 Bullion Description BID ASK
 Palladium 1 oz. .995 Maple Leaf    $970.69    $1,030.69  
 Palladium 1 oz. .995 Bars    $970.69    $1,020.69  
 Palladium Scrap 90% (per gram)    $20.07    $30.11  

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